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I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 on a Toshiba S55-B5289 laptop. I've been using a second monitor with the laptop since I got it, and it's basically been plug-and-play. I connect the monitor via HDMI, and usually it just fires right up. Last night, I unplugged the monitor to take the computer upstairs. Bidnet online

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Enter on the PC the 8 digit number shown on the TV. Connecting an external monitor via HDMI. Step 1: Connect a HDMI cable between the laptop and the monitor or a TV. Step 2: Click “Devices” in the charm bar. Step 3: Click “Second screen.” Step 4: Among “PC screen only,” “Duplicate,” “Extend,” and “Second screen only,” Jul 20, 2020 · You rearrange your monitors from your computer's Display settings, drag windows to your tablet, and otherwise use it as a second monitor for a productivity boost. I recommend having a stand to keep...

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Method 2 – Use Kindle Fire as Second PC Screen / Display Using : AirDisplay. Same as that of iDisplay application only this AirDisplay app also works with WiFi to make your Android /iOS device as the second monitor to Windows / Mac PC. AirDisplay is also a paid application . You can Use Kindle Fire as Second PC Screen using AirDisplay app. I know this is an old post and OPs laptop is likely sitting in a pile of obsolete electronics but I thought I'd add my two cents for anyone who stumbles in here.

Quick tutorial on how to use your laptop as a second monitor for your main pc, no cables or extra software needed its all built in to windows 10! Let me know... Jun 24, 2020 · No matter what devices you use, the process usually goes like this: Download a display extension app on your tablet. Download a corresponding program on your laptop or desktop. Connect the two either via a cable (which reduces portability) or through your wireless connection (which is less stable, but more portable).

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